The content you need to send your music to Spotify, Apple Music, and more.

  • Label Name — Do you have your own record label? If not, you can use your Artist Name in this section.
  • Artist Name — This is what the consumer will know you as artistically.
  • What Format: Single (1 track), Extended Play aka EP (4–6 tracks), or Long Play aka LP (7+ tracks).
  • Product Title — The name of your single, EP, or LP.
  • Track Titles — The names of the tracks in your EP or LP.
  • Main Genre — Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Rock, etc.; choose the best genre that fits your music.
  • Copyright Company — This is the owner of your music (probably you at this stage).
  • Publishing Company — This is the owner of your Publishing Rights (again probably you at this stage).
  • Track Order (if the release is not a single) — You will need to know the order of the tracks on your EP or LP.
  • Featured Artists — If you have any featured artists on your tracks, please list them appropriately.
  • Music Preview Time(s) per each track — You can choose where the preview of your track(s) start on the DSPs such as iTunes and Amazon. You want the consumer to preview the most powerful parts of your song(s), and YOU can control this.
  • Parental Advisory (Y or N) — Don’t forget to do this, especially if your music is full of expletives. The last thing you need is a determined mother telling the world to ban your music!
  • Now that you have your metadata content, you will be set to release your music with your chosen TIDD. Please note that your TIDD will provide automated ISRC Codes for your tracks and a UPC Code for your EP or LP. If you want to create them yourself, do this step prior to any other, and keep in mind it’s going to cost you some funds. For more info on obtaining them yourself, click here: ISRC Codes and click here: UPC Codes.




CEO - futuremgmt / Professor @UArts and @DESU / Curator of relevant music business news /

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Stephen Cirino

Stephen Cirino

CEO - futuremgmt / Professor @UArts and @DESU / Curator of relevant music business news /

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